Epilepsy Awareness

Three years ago, I was unexpectedly diagnosed with Epilepsy, following a seizure which came out of the blue. This came as a shock to me, my family, and my friends – not least of all Helen who was there when it happened, looked after me and called the ambulance. A few days in hospital went by in a blur and an MRI scan discovered a cyst in my brain had caused the seizure.

I left the hospital with a lifelong condition to deal with and a huge knock to my confidence as I feared a seizure could happen anytime and anywhere. I was so concerned about the embarrassment it could cause me in public. Since then, my confidence has returned and with the help of the Epilepsy Team at Derriford, my friends and family, medication and a healthy lifestyle, I have managed to live a normal life. I have kept this private for a long time, as I always felt that Epilepsy was my weakness, but now I see it as a strength which has added to who I am, rather than taking it away!! Last week I was officially discharged by my Epilepsy nurse on the advice to “continue doing what I’m doing”.

I felt such a relief, but at the same time I started to think of the people who aren’t as lucky as I am, those who live with multiple seizures a day, or children who must feel so scared when a seizure strikes. With all of this in mind, myself and my amazing team at Glad Stones Estates are working to support Epilepsy Society, a UK charity which works to research into the condition and support anyone living with Epilepsy. We will be taking part in a number of events throughout the year and would like to invite you to join us in supporting the charity.

Whether you would like to get involved in the events, make a donation, or – probably most importantly, take the time to read the advice we will be sharing on what to do if you witness someone having a seizure. After the diagnosis I fell in love with running, it helps my physical and mental health so the first event we have signed up to is the Run 50 Miles in February! Anyone want to get involved? Message for info. 💜💪Thank you for the donations so far – best get my running shoes ready 😂