Selling at Auction?

Did you know that Halford and Homes can sell your property at Auction?

Here are some common myths that we frequently encounter:

MYTH – Auction is only for experienced cash-rich investors.

Everyone can buy at Auction, including those requiring a mortgage and first time buyers.

MYTH – Auction is only suitable to run-down properties and desperate sellers.

Any property can be sold at auction, from remote detached family homes, to ultra modern loft-style apartments.

MYTH – It’s expensive and there are hefty commission fees to pay.

We will sell you property at 0% sales fee. This is because fees are collected from the buyer. You receive the sale price, auction service and full marketing at no cost to you.

MYTH – I have to accept the highest bid on the day – which may not be the price I was hoping to achieve.

The Reserve Price you set ensure the property never sells for less than you expect. We advertise your property with attractive starting bid. leading to more viewings and interest; this equates to more offers and ensure you achieve the best possible price in the current market.

MYTH – The process is too fast.

You decide whether you would like the sale to complete within 28 days or 56 days and can be tailored to your requirements if needed.

Buyers can bid on your property anywhere, anytime in ‘real-time’. Give us a call, we’d be delighted to talk you through the process.